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       "The Influential Person in My Life".
     I'd like to tell you about my Grandmother because she as the most
influential person in my life. She was with me in time on my hildhood,
when I was the teenager, until my Daughter came to school.
        Unfortunately, my Mother had been very sick since I was five,
and I grew up with my grandmother. My Granny taught me to be kind,
humorous, purposeful, patient, and many other good things. In my life,
she was the person who love me most of all, and I answer her same.
           My Grandmother helped me to get a good education. When I
was the child, she notice my musical abilities, and  directed me to
study of music. I graduated a Music College and became the Music
Teacher. She was carrying about my helth food in time, she was
helpping me with my homework, she was controling my piano -
practic. And then, when I becam a student the Music College, she
was giving me financial support, but not only it. Also,when I was
coming home every week for weekend, she was metting me with a
big glad. We had a talk till deep night.I could to tell her about all what
hapened with me during a week, about my classes, my personal life,
about all. I remember it with terderness. When I became the mother,
my Granny helped me to raise my little daughter. She stayed at home
with my daughter when I need to work, and then picked my daughter
up from the Kindergarten.
           My Grandmother was a very cultured and educated person.
She was a Russian Literature Teacher and taught me to read and
like reading. She not only cared about me but, also, she was
occupied with my main education. We were reading fairy tails when I
was a little girl. She recomended me fiction and popular books for
reading when I was a teenager. Also, she told me a lot of stories
about her life. I liked lissen these stories most of all because my
Granny was the beautiful story-teller.
           My Grandmother's life was very difficult.She was a very young
(21 years old) with little daughter (one year) when Word War II had
begun. It was a terrible time. Practically whole my Country was
destroed. Many people perished. Fortunately,  Grandparients and
little Mom were alive. After War people restored and built
houses.There wasn't enoght food. My Grandma had to work a lot.
She planted and grew potaes, onions, beetroots, cabbages, and
others. Moreover, she taught children written and reading in the
school. Also, she needed care about her own children. In that time
my mother's sister was born. The time was terrible not only because
after War. It was the period Stalin's dictatorship and repressions.
Anyone could be arrested at night and killed without reason. People 
felt permanet fear and pressure. In spite of all difficulties, my
Grandma always was humorous, smiled, kind to own family and other
people, careful and strongwilled. I learned from her to be strong-
willed, patient, optimistic, and to help people.
            So, my Grandmother gave me her best traits. She had
influence on my personality, education, world-view, attitude. I'd like to
be as good Grandmother for my Grandchildren as my Grandmother
was for me.

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